The Rasmus 10

Gapfill exercise

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No sleep, no sleep I'm done with finding answer
Won't stop, won't before I find the for this cancer
Sometimes feel like going down so disconnected
Somehow I that I'm haunted to wanted

I've been watching, 've been waiting
In the , for my time
I've searching, I've been living
tomorrows, all my life

the shadows

They say ... I must learn to before I can feel
But I... I'd rather myself than turn into slave
Sometimes I feel I should go and with the thunder
Somehow just don't wanna stay wait for a wonder

I've been walking, walking circles
Watching, waiting for
Feel me, touch me,
me, come take me

I've been watching, I've waiting
I've been searching, 've been living
For tomorrows

the shadows
I've been